Sleep Tracking With S+ ResMed*

Sleep Tracking With S+ ResMed*

I have trouble sleeping and I’m not ashamed to admit it but I also want to do something about it. Sleep tracking is something I’ve done since I got my first FitBit and I find it incredibly helpful to track my sleep habits and to try and see if there’s anything I can do to make sure I get a better nights sleep than I’ve been getting recently. The S+ ResMed* (RRP £129.95 at John Lewis) was sent to me for the purposes of a review but I made the stupid mistake of trying to track my sleep while I was writing my dissertation. As ideas go, this was not my finest moment and so I put off writing the post until I wasn’t so stressed to be able to review the device properly.

As ideas go, this was not my finest moment and so I put off writing the post until I wasn’t so stressed to test something that I’m supposed to be positive about. I’ll get to all the positives shortly, including how my sleep tracking went and what I should be doing to make sure I get a better nights sleep but I want to address the one negative first. You need to pair the device with your phone so the app can track your sleep overnight which I have no issues with except my phone and the S+ ResMed kept losing their Bluetooth connection meaning I had to try and get it reconnected when I was ready to pass out. This was the only negative aspect about using this sleep tracker which is a good thing as I may be here a while listing all the positives.

About the sleep tracker

The S+ ResMed is a non-contact sleep monitor which has been designed to sit on your bedside and track your sleeping patterns and then creates personalised feedback to help you sleep better.

How I got on

As I said above, I made the mistake of setting the tracker up when I was neck deep in my dissertation which wasn’t my finest move. Now I’m not so stressed, I can spend more time analysing the results and making changes to my sleeping habits.

Every night before sleep you connect the app to the sleep tracker and answer a few questions about your day, including, stress levels, caffeine and alcohol intake as all these things can have an effect how you will sleep. Also when you set up the app for the first time you need to answer questions about yourself but this is all so the app knows the person using it.

I’ve decided to use one night’s sleep as an example of how the app works and the information that it shows afterwards. The app calculates a sleep score based on your breathing as well as it analysing the noise, light and temperature levels in your room at night.

I’ve popped some screenshots below so you can see how easy the app is to navigate and to get an idea of the information that the app gives you. I’m not going to explain it all as I’m sure you don’t actually want to know what I need to do to improve my sleep.

sleep tracking

sleep tracking

As much as I love my FitBit for tracking my sleeping patterns, I love the S+ ResMed a lot more as I get so much more information from it and it’s providing me with handy tips on how to improve my sleep too.

What do you think of sleep tracking and is it something you do or would like to do?



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