Disney Store 30th Birthday*

Disney Store 30th Birthday*

I honestly can’t believe the Disney Store is turning 30 this year. I get to add that to my list of things I swore couldn’t be true after my bestie turning 30. Sorry AJ you’re making me and the husband feel old.

In light of this recent development, I thought I would take another wander through my favourite Disney movies and see if the list had changed since I wrote a similar post last year.

To celebrate the birthday I was also sent this really cute Rapunzel doll* which will be going up on the shelf with my Disney cuddly toys.

disney store 2

Beauty and the Beast

I’ve not seen the live action version yet but I do really want to and yes this was on my list last year and probably always will be if I’m honest. I feel I could be Belle and really want the Beast’s library.


Another movie from the last list that will always be a favourite. I love Greek mythology and this movie has that as well as some amazing songs. Plus Pegasus is so cute.


I wasn’t sure about Tangled when I first watched it but now I absolutely adore it. Tangled is one of those movies that I couldn’t live without.

Avengers Assemble

The purist in me says that this isn’t really Disney and shouldn’t be included here but as they own the distribution rights I feel it’s earnt its place on this list. My favourite scene has to be when Hulk is throwing Loki around and I can probably tell you the lines in the movie before the actors do. This is the film that really started my love for all the Marvel movies and is one I can watch again and again.

Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp was the first film I saw in the cinema when I was approximately 4 or 5 and it definitely helped cement my love for Disney animation.

I’m going to admit that I’ve had to stop the list there as I would probably keep going listing the entire list of Disney classics if I had the chance as they all mean something different to me and from a different stage in my life. I dread to think what life would be like without the magic of Disney as well as the merchandise and products available from the Disney Store.

What’s your favourite Disney movie or has the Disney Store had an impact on your life?

Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the product in return for my views on how Disney as been part of my life.



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