Bluetooth Keyboard for Blogging On The Go

Bluetooth Keyboard for Blogging On The Go

A wee while ago I posted about my tech wishlist and the high-value items that I wish I had in my possession. However, there was something, that until I’d started temping again, that I realised I’d missed from the list and that was a handy little keyboard I could take with me to be able to blog from my iPad.

I’ve been working on a reception desk with no computer access which means either taking my laptop in and pairing with my iPad or using my phone and iPad at the desk. I did take my laptop in one day but it was such a faff and honestly, I wish I hadn’t bothered as it took up more space than I really had.

I did a couple more shifts there after the Bluetooth keyboard arrived and honestly, it changed my blog productivity levels. I went from not really getting much done because I was handwriting it all, to bashing out (at last count) four blog posts in one day.

The keyboard from Penclic* is amazing and so light which I found quite surprising as I was expecting it to be heavier. Or at least it looks like it should be heavier. The keyboard retails for £79.99 which is what I would expect a piece of tech like this to cost. The best it is it not only works with my iPad or iPhone but can also connect to Windows and via a corded connection depending on how you want to use it. I’ve been having a nosy on the website and have been eyeing up the carry case for the keyboard which also looks like I might be able to fit my iPad in there too.

If a Bluetooth keyboard isn’t’ the thing you need then maybe a mouse or laptop stand is what you need. Penclic are all about keeping us ergonomically adjusted – I admit I’m terrible for not doing this at home – and understand the need for products that are not only functional but are helping to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury. If you want to read more from Penclic on this and how their products help then you can do so by clicking here.

Would you use a small keyboard for blogging on the go or is there something else that would make life easier?



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