Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Buying a father’s day gift is something that fills me with dread every year. Part of me wants to be the cool daughter buying my dad the cool new thing and then there is the part of me that sticks to the safe option but this means buying fairly repetitive gifts every year. Thankfully, my dad is ok with me being fairly repetitive and there are three things that always sneak their way into my gift buying for my dad. If you want to buy a food related gift this Father’s Day check out my Foodie Gift Guide that I wrote for Christmas.


One of the first things I reach for when buying my dad a gift is chocolate and this year will probably be no different. I’ve been taste testing (well I need to make sure they’re worth giving as a gift) this box of Salted Caramel Crisps from Elizabeth Shaw* and my god they are good. I don’t actually eat a lot of chocolate as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but the salt in these takes the too sweet edge off which is great. Elizabeth Shaw is a brand name which I recognise from childhood and always trust when buying gifts for people as I know they’ll be great.


Yes, there’s a picture of a bottle of Caorunn Gin in the picture but my dad is actually a whisky drinker. It’s an unusual occurrence if my dad isn’t given a bottle of whisky for a gift at birthdays and Christmas. If you know what your dad likes then buy him a bottle of his favourite drink and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.


My dad is a huge James Bond fan, so much so that when watching Goldfinger he recites the lines before the actors do. I’ve been steadily increasing his DVD collection over the years and I’ve been buying ones which fit within the action genre as this is what he likes to watch. My advice if you’re buying films for your dad is to stick with what you know he’ll probably like and find something similar to it that might be new to him. You never know he might love it!

If you have any other suggestions of what I could buy for Father’s Day please pop them in the comments.



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