Diary, Bullet Journal and Stickers

Diary, Bullet Journal and Stickers

I attempted to start a bullet journal last year, and I posted about the process, the notebook and how I was going to carry it out and then somewhere along the line my motivation ran away. Then this year I decided I would try again and so far it’s definitely a success. One of the things which has been helping is I’ve decided to do bullet journaling my way and not follow the ‘rules’ that have been set out. By doing this I can keep track of my blog stats, days and just general bits and pieces the way that works for me and my brain.

I’ve also been making my bullet journal pretty by using these gorgeous stickers from Lace and Whimsy*  and they’re providing some much-needed colour to my rather monochrome bullet journal, although I have been using a purple sharpie to draw the lines so I must get some points for that. What’s even better is that I have a discount code for all my lovely followers, just use FIONA15 at checkout and you’ll receive 15% off your order. (Just so you know this is an affiliate link). They’ve brightened up my bullet journal and added some artwork where I am completely incapable of doing so myself.

The other artist making an appearance in my bullet journal is Jemma AKA Dorkface. Ever since Jemma designed my header I’ve been a huge supporter and probably always will be. Her latest range of stickers for bullet journals are just perfect as they include months and special occasions, such as birthday and anniversary which I definitely need to use this year (I’ll be married for ten years in November). There’s also Weekly Goals and To-Do stickers in the pack and they are coming in really handy too.

diary/bullet journal

The other way this has been working for me is by carrying around a smaller diary (above) from Bureau Direct* which is a much better size for fitting in my handbag and isn’t as bulky as my bullet journal – it is now out of stock but the site has a huge range of diaries for everyone.  They were also nice enough to send me the pen in the picture above which is by Ohto Tasche* and although at £18.50 is probably the most expensive pen I will ever own, it is small when away but means it won’t take up too much space in a small bag.

Do you have a bullet journal and anything you would like to share to make my life easier?
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