Tell Me More Tag

Tell Me More Tag

A few days ago the fab Lyd from What Lyd Did suggested creating her own blogger tag and I thought this was a great idea. I’ve done tag posts in the past – my favourite is the Harry Potter tag – but Lyd’s Tell Me More Tag is a fab way for me to share a bit more about me and my blog with you all. I’m a bit of a rambler so a tag post seems to keep me in check a little more than a standard post. Lyd suggests going with your gut when you answer the questions and that’s what I’m going to do.

What’s the story behind your blog name?

I chose my current blog name (Wishes, Hopes and Dreams) on a bit of a whim 2 years ago when I found out the name I wanted was taken. Recently though, I’ve felt the need to rebrand and my new blog will be coming soon. My new blog name – From Fiona – represents me and the fact that my blog id from me and basically unapologetically me. 

What’s your real reason for blogging?

I started blogging to promote a charity project I was working on at uni but now I love the technical aspect of blogging as well as the fact that I’m able to share things I love and it’s a place where I get to be creative too.

The best thing about blogging?

The friendships I’ve made and the opportunities it’s brought too.

The worst thing about blogging?

The need to fulfil certain stereotypes e.g. copper/rose gold, marble and a white and bright Instagram theme.

Proudest moment so far?

I feel proud every time someone shares a post or contacts me for help. It makes me feel like I’ve made my mark in the blogging world when that happens.

What are your ultimate blogging goals? Don’t be shy!

To get a job where I can still blog but also have the social media management/digital marketing as my job role. Basically, I want my blog to get me a job and for it to be a job where I get to do the thing I love every day.

If you released a book what genre would it be?

It would be a huge how-to book full of blogging tips and tricks which would be a bigger version of my blogging tips section here on the blog.

If you released products what would they be? Homeware, beauty, or something unexpected?

They’d be a mix of all of the above but with lots of tea and stationery thrown in for good measure. I’d release products that I love and that I would want to buy if I was a consumer.

What would you name your products and why?

They’d be called ‘From Fiona’ to tie in with my new blog name and then it can cover a multitude of products too.

What has blogging taught you?

  • I won’t be friends with everyone and that’s ok but the friends I have made through blogging are totally supportive.
  • I can tackle a long-term project as well as meeting deadlines and company guidelines for posts.
  • It’s ok to ask people for help if you need it.

Sum up your blog in three words.

Me, tea and fun.

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to the Tell Me More tag and I’d love to see your answers.

If you do tackle the tag leave me a comment so I can check out your post.



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