MAD Beauty: First Impressions*

MAD Beauty: First Impressions*

MAD Beauty is a brand I’ve seen quite a lot of on Twitter and I must admit that I’ve had the pictures for this post taken, edited and sorted for quite some time but the words just weren’t coming to me at all. Now this is the weird bit, as with the bulk of the products I was sent include Disney inspired products my Disney loving self should have been jumping for joy at the prospect – I even posted about my favourite Disney movies recently but even then I couldn’t find the words for this post. Bloggers block manages to strike at the weirdest of times and sometimes is only one post that I can’t write rather than not being able to write at all. Thankfully, the words have finally come and I can share my thoughts on this beauty brand.

mad beauty

The first set of products that caught my eye was the Quotes handy set* from MAD Beauty (£7.99) which includes a product with a quote from Alice in Wonderland which is one of my all-time favourite books. The hand sanitizer and hand cream come in really handy for long journeys. The other item in the pack was a hand warmer but you need a microwave to warm it and we don’t have one which means I haven’t been able to try it.

The hand cream is described as Cheeky Cherry and they’re not wrong. For me, it’s far too sweet but if you sweet scents then this one is for you. Confession, I took all the photos and then managed to lose the hand sanitiser so I have no idea how it smells. Whoops.

mad beauty

Next in the parcel, was the Wings of Happiness* shower gel and bubble bath (£8.99) which is based on Tinkerbell and is described as having a dewdrop fragrance and I totally get it. When I was using it there was a very faint scent but not one that I could easily detect. Which for someone who usually uses unscented shower gels is a nice change. Usually, scented products are too strong for me and contain things I’m allergic to but this one has been fine on my usually annoying skin.

mad beauty 3

I was also sent a couple of animal face masks (£2.99 each) and a panda headband (£3.50) which is so cute that I don’t actually want to use it in case I get it dirty. The same can actually be said for the sheet masks which unfortunately I can’t use due to allergies, so I might hang onto these for my next giveaway.

Overall, the products are fab but I will admit they definitely make great presents as opposed to products that you would buy for yourself, I think. Although that might be my less girly side coming out and if you like beauty with a bit of added whimsy then this is the company for you.

What do you think of MAD Beauty and will you be giving them a try?



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