Productivity On The Go: My Top Tips

Productivity On The Go: My Top Tips

A lot of bloggers are trying to work out how to hold down a full-time job and continue to blog. I am one of those bloggers and at this point, I am handling it fairly well as based on my rota schedule and the fact that sometimes I have mornings free and at other times its evenings. I also get a lot of work done on the bus which means a lot of my productivity tips involve being on your phone quite a lot. I am proof that you don’t need to totally rely on a laptop to blog effectively.

Buy a Wifi SD card

I was lucky, my camera came with a wifi sd card and I’m convinced that it’s the best thing to happened to me for my photography. If I’m in the house on a day off I bulk take photos and then I transfer them to my phone using the sd card in the camera. This also comes in handy for travel so that I can lie in my hotel bed at night and edit my photos (there’s a new post coming on my editing process). If I take a lot of pictures on my day off I edit them on my phone on my way to work. This makes my 45 minute to an hour journey slightly more bearable which leads me to my next point.

Use an Instagram planner app

I love planning out my Instagram posts in advance and sometimes I even write captions in advance too. I use UNUM to plan all my content and save captions too. What I love is that I can move images around to see how my feed is going to look and make sure that they flow in a sensible way. Being able to save captions is my saviour and what’s even better is you can save hashtags in themes too so if you have some you always use for city photography you can save them and add them quickly. You can also post straight to Instagram and your caption will be saved to your clipboard so you can add it straight to Instagram without any more typing being needed.

Download a word processor app

I used to use my notes app for writing up blog posts but it was starting to annoy me so I use Google Docs to write up my blog posts. I do also have Microsoft Word on my phone but I prefer the Docs app for writing up my blog posts as I tend to have Google Drive open when I’m writing on my laptop and I can copy the content across fairly easily and with minimal editing required. The last time I used my notes app it took me two hours to sort the formatting of my post and even then I had to delete it and re-upload it and I’m not sure it’s looking as good as it could.

Buffer your tweets

I swear by the Buffer app for keeping my twitter feed stocked with blog tweets. I can re-buffer previous tweets that have done well and I can add new tweets into the mix on my phone too. I save the image I want to use to the cloud and then upload it to Buffer while I’m on the bus. I wasn’t kidding I get a fair amount done on my bus journey in the morning. I’d do blog stuff on my way home too but I’m generally too tired after a long day of counting to do anything even remotely blog related.

Invest in some mobile tech

For long journeys I hate carrying my laptop around as even though I’m using a fairly small one it’s still a bit too heavy for me. Instead, I use my iPad and the small Bluetooth keyboard that I’ve blogged about previously. For train journeys, this is so much lighter to carry around and I can still blog and get things done. You don’t need the most expensive items, get ones that work for you and make your life easier. I do use my phone on short journeys but the iPad and keyboard combination is better longer journeys and using in hotel rooms too.

What are your tips for productivity on the go?

Photo by: Laura Haley Photography



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