2017 goals: My Blog Goals for the new year

2017 goals: My Blog Goals for the new year

As bloggers, I believe we all set goals for ourselves and our blogs as well as our related social media platforms. I know not everyone will write them down or even vocalise them but I love setting goals for myself. They help to keep me focused and give me something to aim for. I set myself ten goals for 2016 but only achieved seven of the ten. This year I’m aiming for at least 8 or more which will explain why there are what I feel are a few more achievable goals added into the list

Post at least once a week

This was at the top of my list last year and didn’t go as planned. I had a combination of bloggers block and just a severe lack of content. This year, however, I have more content planned and more ideas than I can cope with which helps.

Improve my photography

I’m always learning when it comes to photography and I want to learn to do more with my camera and lenses. Although this being said I do have a post planned about my photo setup and how I edit my Instagram photos.

Increase my page views

I have a feeling that in order to achieve this, I will just be posting more on Twitter and Facebook. I’m hoping that by posting once a week I can increase my page views so weirdly both those goals go hand in hand.

More freelance work

2016 saw the start of me offering services to bloggers and this year I want to do more in what I can offer as well as making it affordable. I have a few options I’m considering but this will be after uni is finished and I can figure out what I have to offer. I also offer services for businesses too and I’m hoping to expand this as well.

Learn more about backend

I’ve been teaching myself coding and more backend stuff but this is the year I want to learn more and be able to do more for myself when it comes to my blog.

Increase all my social stats

I’ve seen an increase in the past year but I still want to see more. I’ve set what I hope are fairly achievable goals and hopefully can achieve them in a year.

  • Bloglovin – 500 followers
  • Instagram – 1,000 followers
  • Facebook – 500 likes
  • Twitter – 2,500 followers

Hopefully, I can achieve all of this in 2017.

What are your goals for 2017?
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