2017 Goals Update: How Have I Done?

2017 Goals Update: How Have I Done?

I felt now that we’re into June (my god where’s the year going?!) that it was time to update you all on my 2017 goals and if you stay to the end of the post there will also be an exciting update which I can’t wait to share with you all.

Post at least once a week

With finishing my honours degree this year, this one didn’t really happen, but, I’m working on lots of new content and means I might be able to achieve this for the rest of the year.

Improve my photography

Whilst there’s still a lot I would like to learn about photography, I feel I’m improving every time I take a picture and I’m happy with how I’ve improved since this time last year, as the collage below proves.

2017 goals

Increase pageviews

This hasn’t happened so far this year but the lack of posting might have something to do with it.

More freelance work

This has been sporadic so far this year but is definitely picking up. I’m also hoping to add some more items to my blogger services as the year progresses too.

Learn more about backend

Every time I do work for a client I think I learn a little more and I’m very lucky that my clients trust me with their blogs and let me do the work that is needed. This has even resulted in repeat client bookings which awesome.

Increase followers 

Instagram – 1,000 – Actual 640

Instagram feels like wading through quicksand at the moment I’ve stopped paying attention to my follower numbers as they fluctuate so much.

Facebook – 500 – Actual 324

Facebook is another platform which feels awfully stagnant when it comes to likes and follows. I’m consistently posting blog links and Instagram links but think I may need to increase the number of personal posts too.

Bloglovin’ – 500 – Actual 302

If you didn’t see the issues bloggers have had with Bloglovin’ where have you been? I used the code provided by Aisling to block Bloglovin from accessing my blog and my posts and this will continue until they resolve their shady ways. I’m sorry to anyone who uses it to read my posts but I would prefer to have my views register in my Google Analytics.

Twitter – 2,500 – Actual – 2,400

I’m only 100 followers away from my Twitter goal for this year and I’m very excited about this. I’m hoping I can make 3,000 by the end of the year now based on this rate of growth.

Now for the update, I was teasing about at the start of this post. As of the 23rd of June Wishes, Hopes and Dreams will be no more. That’s right folks I’m rebranding to become From Fiona. I decided it was time for a fresh start and with the fact that I’m graduating next month this seemed like the right time to do this. I’m going to treat myself to a new template as a graduation present so come back on the 11th July to see how it looks.

The content of my blog won’t be changing but the name change reflects my change and the fact that I wanted a blog name that I feel is a better fit.

Have you set any 2017 goals or any thoughts on my rebrand?

Share your updates/successes with me in the comments.



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