Alice in Wonderland: My Collection

Alice in Wonderland: My Collection

It should come as no surprise that I’ve decided to share my Alice in Wonderland collection with you all. After sharing my Harry Potter collection I decided this was the next post that needed to be written in the series. Admittedly this might be a series that only has two posts in it but I don’t really collect anything else. I’ve split this post into categories and linked to as much of it as I can if you find you’d like to buy any of the items that I own too. 


Of course, this is one collection where I own more than one copy of the same book. They’re all so pretty and I love them all, especially as they all have the original Tenniel illustrations in them. The clothbound copy I bought for myself but the leatherbound and The Complete Alice were both gifts from my best friend (which is a recurring theme with some of the other items in this post). 


I have a growing collection of Alice in Wonderland crockery which is not surprising as I love tea and the part that it plays in the book – the dormouse scene in the Disney animation is one of my favourite parts of a Disney movie. The plate in the featured image and the mug are from the same designer Mrs Moore and are available along with the rest of the collection from Amara Living

This saucer is part of a set with a cup from the V&A Alice in Wonderland collection which is just gorgeous and was another gift. There’s a shop in my village with the rest of the products and it’s taking all my willpower not to go in and buy the whole lot. 

My Alice in Wonderland collection is nowhere as large as my Harry Potter one but that’s ok as I’m quite particular about the books and associated products that I buy when it comes to Alice. I’m not a huge fan of the newer Disney movies as they feel like they’ve moved too far away from the Lewis Caroll original whereas the animation from 1951 is closest to the story as it’s told in the book. 

What do you think of my collection?
Do you own anything Alice in Wonderland related that I would like?



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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey