Update: What I’ve Been Doing

Update: What I’ve Been Doing

I felt it was the time that I gave you all an update as to what I’ve been doing recently as with the end of my degree this blog of mine has been a little neglected recently. However, this means that there will be more posts for a few weeks while I sift through the unintentional backlog I’ve created for myself.

First things first, is to acknowledge the fact that my university career is now completely finished and my god does it feel good. I sat my last exam on Tuesday afternoon and now it’s onto the nail-biting task of waiting for my results and to find out the overall classification for my honours degree. I also celebrated in the only way that I know how, which means tea and chocolate. I was lucky enough to be sent the Elizabeth Shaw mints below and while not my cup of tea (yes I know what I did there) they were thoroughly enjoyed by my chocoholic husband. The box of mints is gorgeous and would make the perfect gift for someone.

Now to throw my memory back to when I was a few days away from the submission deadline for my dissertation and I ran away to London for the Makeup Revolution 3rd Birthday party. I met up with Paige at the train station and then met Jemma at the hotel as it turned out we were staying in the same hotel which was a lot of fun. We all got ready together and then headed to the party where I was lucky enough to meet some bloggers I’ve hadn’t before as well as a few familiar faces. Unfortunately, I ended up with a migraine and left early but sleep was much needed by this point.

What I hadn’t expected was that I would be leaving with a goody bag and what a fab selection of products are there. I’m really excited to try everything from the goody bag, as I haven’t had the chance but when I do I will probably post about what my favourites are. Until then, you’ll just need to make do with these pictures.

update 1

makeup revolution 3

makeup revolution 4

The three of us also had some fun with the photographer at the event and now I have these pics up on my noticeboard to remind me of what fun I had at that event, especially as I’d pushed myself outside my comfort zone to attend the event in the first place.

update 3

The following day, I went for a wander around Covent Garden in the morning and found this gorgeous statue of a ballerina which I’d never found before but am so glad I did is ballet is one of my favourite forms of dance, coming a close second to tap. I also managed to squeeze in lunch with the awesome Amanda Bootes and hopefully, we will get to Fable Bar together one day. The rest of the day was spent doing some much needed retail therapy which included my standard tip to the Fortnum and Mason food hall.

update ballerina

The only other thing to report is that I’m now fully on the job hunt, with interviews and the inevitable rejections but I’m staying positive that there is a job for me out there somewhere. I had a telephone interview which seemed to go well today and I’m staying positive that I may get a face to face interview too.

Wow, that was a long update post.

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