Birthday Wishlist 2017

Birthday Wishlist 2017

Last year I wrote a birthday wishlist post and while I’m not expecting anyone to actually buy me what’s on there, it’s nice to have somewhere to list all the things I would buy myself for my birthday if I had the money. It’s hard to write a post like this without it feeling like I’m fishing for gifts but I love to think of them as online shopping lists and somewhere I can safely leave the information that’s in my head.

Makeup Revolution Highlighter

I’ve fallen in love with highlighter recently and would love to add this one to my collection too. These colours look like they’d be fab on with my skin tone and would be great for on holiday too.

Norse Mythology By Neil Gaiman

I love anything to do with Norse mythology so this book really appeals to me. Also, my birthday is after my exam meaning I’ll have lots of time to get some reading done. Weirdly, I don’t buy that many books for myself so gifts are always appreciated.

The Strand Tote Bag

When I was New York in the summer, we went to The Strand bookshop and I fell in love with it. While we were there I picked up the pouch with this design but I would love to be able to add the tote to my collection too as I think it sums me up quite well.

Camera Tripod

With the issues I’ve been having with my hands, getting a photo that isn’t a bit blurry is becoming more of an issue so a tripod is definitely something that I would love and if it’s a gift then it’s even better.

Snape Pop Vinyl

When it comes to Pop Vinyls I really want to expand my Harry Potter collection. I have Harry, Harry with the Sword of Gryffindor, Hermione, Hermione with books, Hagrid and a Niffler but I need them all. I really want Snape but if I’m being honest, any will do.

Hufflepuff Vest (Size M)

When I took the sorting quiz on Pottermore, I couldn’t understand how on earth I’m a Hufflepuff, but, after some research and reassurance from AJ, I have since established that I am a Hufflepuff and I’ve been embracing it for all it’s worth. My house keys are even on a Hufflepuff lanyard and I’m not ashamed to admit it anymore. I was meant to be going to the WB Tour London when I get back to the UK after being in France, but couldn’t get tickets which I’m devastated about and had planned to buy this top when I was there which is why it’s been added to my birthday wishlist.

Well, that’s the list for this year and I’d be happy to find any of these have arrived at my house for my birthday.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the wander through my brain and I’d love to know what you have on your birthday wishlist.

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