How to Give Your Kitchen an Easy New Year Makeover*

How to Give Your Kitchen an Easy New Year Makeover*

This is a guest post all about how to give your kitchen a new year makeover and I love some of the tips here as they really are so easy to implement.

2018 starts on a Monday, meaning that it’s the perfect time to make that change you’ve always talked about. If that’s to do with your home, why not make a start in the kitchen? It’s a room that you spend a lot of time in, and it’s one of the easiest to makeover without spending a small fortune and driving yourself mad in the process.

Change your Lights

The chances are that your kitchen has the same ceiling lighting that it’s always had. Most kitchens seem to have spotlights which are great for task lighting, but you can update your lighting to something more stylish quite easily. Pendant lighting looks brilliant over eating areas, and if you are worried about dark spots whilst you’re cooking, try undercabinet lighting – small lights which are installed underneath your cabinets to illuminate the worktops. This type of lighting is often battery operated, so it’s easy to install.

Change the Sink

Your sink is something that you use every day, but it’s not something that you would think of changing in a makeover. However, it can be quite cheap to change your taps, and it can make a big statement. You can expect to pay around £50 for a new tap. If you would like a new sink, think about how it can work with the rest of your kitchen design. Stainless steel looks modern and sleek, whilst a white basin will give your kitchen a contemporary feel.

Update the Cabinets

Cabinets make up the majority of your kitchen, and they are simple to change. If you want a quick change, try purchasing new handles – for example, copper handles are a huge trend at the moment. If you’re seeking a bigger change, try painting them! This works perfectly with traditional wooden style kitchens. You should always remember to prep the cabinets properly by sanding them down and applying a base coat. For a minimalistic style kitchen, you could take the doors off the cabinets completely, for exposed shelving.

Put in New Worktops

If you are unhappy with your current worktops, you can change them without having to take out the entire unit. Granite countertops look stylish and don’t cost a lot, and if you combine them with undercabinet lighting as mentioned above, you’ll have a contemporary style kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Kitchen Floor

Is the flooring letting your kitchen down? You don’t have to pay out for a new floor wall to wall, as you can lay it unit to unit, and on top of the existing flooring. You could opt for laminate or vinyl – after all, you want something that’s easy to clean after you’ve been creative in the kitchen.


You could use wallpaper to make your kitchen look more vibrant. However, you should avoid wallpapering the whole room (too 1980s!) and opt for a feature wall instead. You should always purchase wallpaper which has been specifically designed for the kitchen, so that it can withstand heat.  If you’d rather not use wallpaper, you can use paint to create a feature wall.

Seating Area

If you want your kitchen to be a great area to relax in, put in a seating area. This could be as simple as a small sofa from IKEA, or a small table and chairs to create a kitchen-diner. This will give you space to sit and chat whilst you wait for food to cook, or somewhere for the kids to do their homework and tell you about their day.

Splashback Update

Splashbacks are designed to protect the walls of the kitchen, but they also make quite the design statement. If you like a contemporary look, opt for glass or stainless steel. However, if you’re on a budget, stick to tiles and have fun with colour instead.

Buy a Used Kitchen

If you’re not keen on the idea of making small changes to your kitchen, you can make a big change without spending a lot. You can buy a used kitchen, complete with units and appliances. You can do this easily by approaching a trusted reseller such as Used Kitchen Exchange. They assess kitchens for their quality and take professional photos, then list them on their website with full details of measurements, records of any damage and a list of what is included in the purchase. They will professionally remove the kitchen, and can help with storage and delivery. You can buy a full used kitchen for as little as £1,500.

Would you like to makeover your kitchen?



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