Medication: What I Take and Why

Medication: What I Take and Why

For a while now I’ve been considering posting about my medication, its side effects as well as some of the issues that I face on a daily basis. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I suffered from endometriosis (if you would like to know more about it then visit the Endometriosis UK site as they have lots of information regarding it) and had a hysterectomy in 2012 which has helped alleviate some of the pain but some of the side effects would be hell without the medication.

I would like to point out that what I’m sharing is what works for me and if you’re in any doubt about your medication please contact a GP or pharmacist.

Kliofem – HRT 

This is the first HRT tablet I was put on when I first had hormone injections to see if my body could handle a hysterectomy. I did suffer for a month without HRT and it was the worst experience I have ever had. Night sweats were the worst thing and the hot flushes during the day came a close second. I know there are risks with HRT, but my god, it makes life better. I can get a full nights sleep without wanting to rip my skin off and dunk it in a bucket of iced water which is a definite plus. It doesn’t help with hair loss and yes I know I have a lot to lose with the fact I have thick hair but this is no excuse. I haven’t lost a lot of hair yet but maybe if I lose a lot more I’ll need to look into Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment* to keep my nice full head of hair.


Now this is one that may cause some confusion as it’s usually prescribed as an anti-depressant. For me, I was given it as an aid for my IBS as apparently my brain is sending the wrong signals to my stomach and is what was causing a large percentage of my pain. It does mean that I can’t drink a lot of alcohol and makes me drowsy but anything that helps me get to sleep is a definite bonus.


Now this is an interesting one. The other two tablets I take one of each evening but this one I only take when I need it and some weeks I’ll take it once and in others I’ll be taking it everyday. Along with my normal IBS if I don’t get enough sleep I wake up and the first thing I want to do is throw up. Taking this medication doesn’t stop it entirely but it does make it better for me to get through the morning.

What medication are you on and does it do what you need it to do?
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