Chippy Doon the Lane Review

Chippy Doon the Lane Review

It feels like ages since I’ve written a food review and I’ll be honest when I say that I miss writing them. I went to Chippy Doon the Lane when Laura visited last year and I’ve been dying to go back since. With working in a shopping centre I don’t get the opportunity to go into town as much as I would like but this is somewhere I will definitely try and go to again.

I love a good fish and chips and I also love a restaurant where they take a diner with allergies seriously. I’m allergic to shellfish so I need to be careful and make sure that the food I’m ordering hasn’t been cooked in the same fryer. Thankfully that isn’t an issue here and this is one of the reasons I’ll be going back. As I said in my post about allergies and how I cope, I definitely felt more relaxed once I knew they were taking my allergies seriously.

I went for a classic haddock and chips with a can of Irn Bru – it felt like the right thing to do. It was a proper chip shop style batter on the fish and chips that were the right combination of soft and crunchy. All I needed to do was add some vinegar and ketchup and I was in heaven. Only problem was the portion was actually too big and I couldn’t manage all of it. Definitely take your appetite if you’re going to eat in Chippy Doon the Lane.

Although the restaurant is slightly hidden away, it was busier than I thought it would be. There was a lot of choice on the menu and is somewhere that would be great for a group lunch as it was affordable but filling which is what you want in a good meal. I’m trying to figure out how to convince the husband that we should head there for lunch when we next have a day off together.

Have you been to Chippy Doon the Lane or would you like to go?

Chippy Doon the Lane can be found at 84 Buchanan Street, McCormick Lane, Glasgow G1 3AJ



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