Allergies and How I Cope

Allergies and How I Cope

From speaking to a few people on Twitter when I mention the number of allergies I have they always ask how I cope with them and if I have any tips. This post isn’t really a tips post so much as me saying how I manage to get by on a daily basis and the things that help me. If they help you too that’s great but if they don’t, there might be something else out there that helps you. I’ve decided to break this post down into the areas of my life where my allergies become an issue rather than tackle each one individually.



I think food is one of the areas where I have the most problems with my allergies. I’m allergic to shellfish, sage red wine, and citrus which doesn’t sound too bad but once you realize the number of products that contain one of the above it can be a minefield. For this reason, I usually stick to restaurants and cuisines where I know I won’t have a problem and ones where I know the staff will take my issues seriously. I have a post coming soon about somewhere new I tried in Glasgow and they were great with my allergies which made me feel more relaxed.

My one tip would be to not be afraid to speak to waiting staff and if they can’t help then ask for a manager. The Food Standards Agency has laid out guidelines on how allergy information should be presented and all establishments should be able to provide this. Generally, I’m just making sure they are aware that I have an allergy and to be careful when preparing my meal – particularly if someone I’m dining with is having something I’m allergic to.



I also have a lovely dust allergy which makes my asthma all that much more fun. The one thing that has always been recommended to me is to have solid wood floors instead of carpet in rooms and for me, the bedroom is where this is a necessity. Thankfully our room at mum and dads is what was the dining room and the floor was lovingly sanded and stained by my father in the space of a week. Having a wood floor makes cleaning so much easier and I can keep it the way I need it so I’m not a wheezing mess. When we eventually have our own place I’ve been looking at flooring (I’m married to a joiner so looking at flooring is normal) these Engineered Oak Flooring for Home from Nexus Flooring are looking like the winner for us. They have the colours and styles I’m looking for and are the sort of the thing the husband can install with ease.


Skincare and Beauty

This is another area where I seriously struggle. So many brands have citrus in them somewhere meaning that Sanex is about as interesting as my shower gel gets and don’t even get me started on cleansers and toners. Plant based ones sometimes have sage in them meaning I can’t use them either. I have a full skincare post planned with the products I’ve found that not only give me a good complexion but also don’t irritate my skin or cause a reaction. For now though you can read my Can’t Live Without skincare post for an idea of some of the products in the new post that I have planned.

With beauty products it’s been harder to nail down the cause of the reactions I’ve been having but I do know that my beauty stash has a mix of high end and lower cost makeup. A lot of what I do is trial and error as I don’t know the exact ingredients that are causing me to have issues but I know that I’ve found brands that I can use and know that I won’t be a red puffy mess.


Washing Detergent and Fabric Conditioner

For years I’ve struggled with finding washing detergent and fabric conditioner which doesn’t make me want to rip my skin off at every opportunity. I was recently invited to the Thirty Plus event with Ecover but due to work was unable to attend. Ecover have developed products which are not just sustainable and good for the environment but safe on sensitive skin and cruelty free too.

The lovely people from the brand sent me a couple of samples and I’ve been giving the fabric conditioner a try. My husband is allergic to lavender so I can’t try the detergent but I’ll find one in a scent we both like so I can give it a try. Changing one product so far hasn’t had an effect and I’m hoping that by changing to both I can keep my skin scratch free.

Do you have allergies and have any tips for me that I may not have thought of?



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