Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

I posted on Sunday about what I’ve been getting up to recently and then realised that I’ve not really talked about what my dissertation topic is or what I’m planning to do when I have my degree as well as which jobs I’ve been applying for. Well, I can now reveal that my dissertation is all about whether beauty bloggers exert any influence over the consumer decision-making process. Once I’m done I’ll be posting some of the information I found as it’s been quite surprising although I think I know what the conclusions will be. Feel free to comment with what you think the outcome will be and then you can find out if you’re right.

When I graduate I’m hoping to find a career in digital marketing and social media management and I can almost hear the “duh” being spoken by the entirety of the blogosphere as I type this. It may not have been obvious to me when I started my degree but now I have my blog and the amount of knowledge I’ve gained I would be an idiot to not use it to my advantage and do what I love as part of my job. The fact that I will have a degree in a related subject helps as well as the digital marketing module I did in third year. I’ve taught myself a lot but there is so much more I want to learn and I think I’ll always be learning and teaching myself how to do more technical stuff

The only issue with finishing university is the realisation that I need to find a job and the number of applications I’ve been completing has been growing on an exponential level for days. However, the number of interviews I’m getting isn’t matching the number of applications which is depressing. So if anyone wants to have a look at my CV and tell me how I can make it better then I will be eternally grateful. The end of my course also means that I’m having to be a bit more savvy with my money and do some saving. I refuse to use the words spending ban, however, as those two words make my brain itch.

Instead, I’m being careful with my money and budgeting is really helping me figure out what I need to spend money on as well as how much I have left that I can pop in my savings account and keep for when I need it. Doing freelance work is also a big bonus and although it stretches my time management skills to the limit, are also keeping me afloat for a little bit longer. There are also sites like swiftmoney* which can help you get out of a difficult situation at the last minute but I wouldn’t recommend them for the longer term. I’ve started collecting all my small change in a large bottle which maybe doesn’t seem like much but you’d be amazed at what it adds up to. Mostly, I’m saving money by spending less or by making small changes, such as taking my lunch to uni instead of buying it there and stocking up on bottles of water in the supermarket and popping one in my bag rather than buying lots when I’m out the house. I’m also planning on renewing my rail card to get some cheaper travel as well as potentially purchasing an NUS card so I can hang onto student discount for a little longer.

I can’t wait to able to post that my dissertation is completed and that I’ve landed my dream job – a girl can dream, can’t she?

Do you have any tips you would like to share for saving money or even how to start planning to do so?

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