Debt: Staying Free of it this Christmas

Debt: Staying Free of it this Christmas

Firstly, I thought I should explain the photo before I launch into the blog post. This was taken at the Tower of London and is a gorgeous metal work dragon. The picture is actually of the belly of the beast and seems to fit the post pretty well. Christmas is a time for excess, we all know that but it doesn’t mean we need to end up in debt to enjoy ourselves. This post includes my tips for a debt-free Christmas and ways to enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. I’ve already popped up a couple of posts which might help, including festive storage tips as well as decorating tips for people on a budget.

Price Limits

Having price limits for gifts makes life so much easier. I always spend the same amount on my both my parents which helps to keep me organised. My husband and I always attempt to set price limits for what we’re spending on each other but this usually falls flat when he ends up spending more “because he can”.

Shop Around

It may sound exhausting but shopping around can really help you score some bargains at this time of year. Online shopping is a great way of finding some bargains and checking prices before heading out into the big wide world to do your shopping. I have the joy of working in a shopping centre so this makes my life a whole lot easier and means I can avoid the centre of town for as long as possible. I tend to only go into Glasgow once or twice to pick up the bits I can’t get elsewhere.

Start Early

I know it’s pointless saying this in November but start as early as you can to be able to get that smug feeling of having all your Christmas prep done and be able to enjoy movies and chocolate on the sofa. This point and my next are sort of linked but they both make a lot of sense. I’m not saying you have to start your Christmas shopping in January but as it gets nearer to it, I start thinking of gift ideas and how much I’m willing to spend. By starting early I take the panic aspect out of Christmas and make it fairly simple on myself.

Have a Plan

A plan is critical and not just for how long the turkey is going to take to cook and how much space you’ll have free in the oven. Although a meal cooking plan is a lifesaver – I may need a whole post for that – a plan of what you’re buying, where you’re buying it from and how much it costs will help keep you on track as well as stopping any unnecessary spending too.

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