Self Care When Travelling – My Top Tips

Self Care When Travelling – My Top Tips

I believe that self care when travelling is an important topic to cover. This applies whether you’re travelling alone or with someone else. These are the little things I do to make myself more relaxed when staying in hotels and how I try to make sure I get a good nights sleep.

I’ll be honest and admit that it’s nothing revolutionary or new. Just a few ideas that help me keep calm when I travel.

Go for a walk with your camera

When travelling to a new place I love getting out for a walk with my camera. Or just out for a walk. The fresh air makes me sleepy and helps me get a good nights sleep. I find it helps to document my time in a new place and means I find gems like the ballerina which I found when I went for a random wander round London.

Have a bath/shower

I always pack some shower gel that I don’t use at home as a bit of a treat for when I travel. This year for my holiday I’m taking the L’Occitane gift set that I was given for my birthday last year as it’s the perfect scent to use when I’m in France in the summer.

Don’t forget about your skincare

One of the things I’m guilty of when I travel is neglecting my skincare but in all honesty this is the time when my skin needs it the most. Long car journeys or plan journeys do a number on my skin as it ends up drying out so I make sure that I do a full regime which at the moment consists of:

  • Caudalie Cleansing Lotion
  • Superdrug Simply Pure Refreshing Toner
  • Pixi Beauty Rose Tonic
  • Pixi Beauty Rose Flash Balm
  • No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream – Dry/Very Dry Skin

I also like to make sure I have a good body lotion with me – like Cetraben – for after my shower as I sometimes end up very itchy from using hotel towels.

Relax with a good book and a cup of tea

I always make sure I have a book with me when travel, although, more often than not, it’s actually my iPad and the Kindle app so that I’m not taking too much with me. This is especially handy when I’m flying hand luggage only or when I want to keep the weight I’m carrying to a minimum.

Of course when reading a book I need a good cup of tea too. A lot of hotels have put baskets out in reception where you can pick up extras of tea, coffee, milk and sugar and I always make sure I take some so I don’t run out during the night if for whatever reason I can’t sleep.

Use an eye mask

I always sleep with an eye mask on and it makes the world of difference to my sleep. It blocks out the light meaning that once I put my phone or my Kindle down my brain knows that it’s time to turn itself off. I have a selection of animal ones from Primark that I love as they are soft and don’t hurt the skin tags around my eyes when it moves in my sleep.

I’ve also been looking at the self-heating eye masks by Spacemasks that are designed to relieve eye strain and tiredness which makes them perfect for practising self-care when travelling.

As the photo suggests, I also take a hot water bottle and lot of tech with me when I travel. I can’t get to sleep without a hot water bottle so for me it’s not so much self care

Do you do any self when travelling and do you have any tips for me?

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Fiona Abbey
Fiona Abbey